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SMITA Research Lab, established in 2007 under the joint coordination of Prof. Ashwini. K. Agrawal and    Prof. Manjeet Jassal, is the first group, to initiate research work on Smart Textile Materials in India. Awarded the status of Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Smart Textiles in 2021, the centre now has a motivated team of faculty members from other departments such as Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Biotechnology, and Design, to bring in new concepts for developing novel smart textile materials.

Objectives & Mission

Milestones & Achievements

Equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities, the Centre has been instrumental in developing several cutting-edge technologies and taking them to commercial scale with the help of Industry partners. Some of the novel technologies that have been commercialized or are ready for commercialization are:


1. Pollutant and mal-odour capturing textiles

2. Highly efficient moisture management finish for textiles

3. Aqua silver-based anti-viral nanocoating

4. Blue silver technology for antimicrobial textiles (National Award, 2016)

5. Nanofibre-based filters for automobiles and personal protection (National Award,2017)

6.  Aqueous-based self-cleaning technology

7.  Continuous electrospinning machine for commercial applications

8.  Corneal implants based on transparent nanofibre scaffolds

9.  Specialized medical bandages

10. Atmospheric pressure plasma reactor technology for chemical processing of textiles

11. Wearable flexible and stretchable sensors and other textile-based electronic devices.