National Award - 2016, Technology Development Board, DST
SMITA Research Lab

It is a body of faculty and students from Department of Textile TechnologyIIT Delhi who are working on developing novel intelligent, smart and functional materials for textile applications. The research group is working very closely with Indian Industry in developing Smart Textiles or Intelligent Textile materials and taking some of these technologies to commercial scale.

Prof. Ashwini Agrawal and Prof. Manjeet Jassal, faculty, IIT Delhi and their group have core competency  in  the  field  of  Smart Textiles  and  have  developed  several active technologies. These technologies are radically changing the functionality of   textile by creating sensitive, interactive and intelligent textile materials.

SMITA Group has been instrumental in:

Creating a national facility, where both basic research and technology development for industrial applications are being carried out in the area of smart textile using innovative materials such as nanoparticles, nanofibres, nano-surface engineering, phase change materials, and stimuli sensitive polymers.

Bringing together expertise from academia and industry to facilitate development of new technologies/products.

Creating trained manpower that can assist industry in further research, product development, and production of smart textile based on new technologies.  


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47th Convocation at IIT Delhi on November 6, 2016 - SMITA members receiving their degrees >>>

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