Vacuum Planetary Centrifugal Mixer (Model ARV 310P)

From THINKY Corporation USA


Standard vacuum mixer enabling uniform mixing and elimination of submicron-level air bubbles. With rotation and revolution movement under vacuum pressure reduction, deareation of high-viscosity material can be performed with excellent quality. The centrifugal force of revolution during the mixing process suppresses the material within the container, eliminating the need to keep an eye on the material so that it does not overflow.


Maximum capacity 310g, Speed upto 2000 rpm, reduced processing time and improved de-aeration performance compared to the atmospheric type mixer


Simultaneous mixing, dispersion, and submicron-level air bubble elimination

Deaeration of high-viscosity materials difficult to be processed by a centrifugal separator

Location: SMITA Chemical Labs, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas

Charges: As applicable