Coulometer Model 917 with 860KF Thermoprep

From Metrohm, USA


Microprocessor controlled coulometric Karl Fischer titrator with oven for determination of moisture in solid, liquid, paste, powder samples (polymer pellet/chips). System uses coulometric cells without diaphragm for generation of Iodine with facility to vary pulse width & generator current. Operating module, stirrer and pump are integrated in the 917 Coulometer for rapid reagent replacement. The 860 KF Thermoprep is  used to draw water from solid samples, high boiling point liquids or samples where the water extraction is difficult via traditional dissolution in the solvent 



Measuring Range 10 μg to 200mg H2O, Resolution 0.1 g H2O, oven sampler with temperature range 0 to 200 C, Inbuilt variable speed magnetic stirrer upto 2000 rpm


The coulometric method generates iodine electrochemically during the titration process. In this case the amount of iodine generated is directly proportional to the charge passed to the solution. This method has much finer control of iodine delivery and thus can measure water content of samples all down to ppm level.



SMITA Chemical Lab