• Title: Dyeing and Printing of Polyester and Polyester Blends 
    Publisher: Dept. of Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Year: 1996; Edition: 2nd
    Level: Reference and teaching text for graduate and post graduate students
    Co-Editor: Prof. M. L. Gulrajani

  • Title: Man Made Fibre Production
    Publisher: Dept. of Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Year: 1997; Edition: 1st
    Level: Reference book for marketing professionals in textile machinery
    Co-Editor: None

  • Title:  Man-Made Fibres II: Solution Spun Fibres  
    Publisher: Nodal Centre for Upgradation of Textile Education, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Year: 2000; Edition: 1st
    Level: Reference and teaching text for graduate and post graduate students
    Co-Editor: Dr. Manjeet Jassal 

  • Title: Chemical Preparatory Processes in Textiles
    Publisher: Nodal Centre for Upgradation of Textile Education, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Year: 2000; Edition: 1st
    Level: Reference and teaching text for graduate and post graduate
    Co-Editor: None

  • Title: Textile Fibres- A Laboratory Manual
    Publishers: Dept. of textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Year: 2000; Edition: 1st
    Year: 2001; Edition: 2nd
    Level: Text and workbook for undergraduate students
    Coauthor: Dr. Manjeet Jassal

  • Title: Fibre Manufacturing and Characterization- A Laboratory Manual
    Publishers: Dept. of textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Year: 2003; Edition: 1st
    Level: Text and workbook for undergraduate
    Coauthor: Prof. (Late) P. Bajaj

  • Title: Fibre Manufacturing and Characterization- A Laboratory Manual
    Publishers: Dept. of Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Year: 2004Edition: 1st
    Level: Text and workbook for post graduate
    Coauthor: Prof. (Late) P. Bajaj

  • Title: Emerging  Trends  in  Polymers  and  Textiles
    Publisher: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Year: 2005
    Co-Editor: Dr. Manjeet Jassal.

  • Title:
     Modelling and Simulations in Textile
    Sponsors: AICTE, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Year: 2006
    Level: F
    or QIP short term course
    Coauthor: Prof. 
    R. Chattopadhyay


  • Chapter on In-situ plasma reactions for hydrophilic functionalization of textiles in book titled “Plasma Technologies for Textile and Apparel”. Authored by: Kartick Samanta, Ashwini K. Agrawal and Manjeet Jassal, Edited by Dr. S. K. Nema and Prof. P. B. Jhala, Woodhead Publishing, 2014

  • Chapter: In-situ plasma reactions for hydrophobic functionalization of textiles in book titled “Plasma Technologies for Textile and Apparel”. Authored by: Ashwini K. Agrawal and Manjeet Jassal Prasanta Panda, Kartick K. Samanta,
Edited by Dr. S. K. Nema and Prof. P. B. Jhala, 
Woodhead Publishing, 2014

  • Chapter: Speciality polymers for the finishing of technical textiles
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Edited by: M.L. Gulrajani (Ed.)
Woodhead Publishing, July, 2013

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  • Chapter: Functional smart textiles
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  • Chapter: Intelligent weatherproof coatings and laminates
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  • Chapter: Chitosan as thickener for Printing of cotton with pigment colours

    Authored by: Prof. Manjeet Jassal, Prof. R. B. Chavan, Prof. Rahul Yadav, Prof. Parambir Singh

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  • Chapter: Chemical Modification of Melt Spun Fibres
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