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Farewell of Surabhi jha & Dr. Shipra Solanki

posted 25 Jun 2019, 08:59 by sumit kumar singh   [ updated 25 Jun 2019, 20:53 ]
We, at SMITA Research Lab, bid a bittersweet farewell to Surabhi Jha and Dr. Shipra Solanki on 31st May 2019 as Surabhi Jha left the group to join The University of Southern Mississippi to pursue her Ph.D. and Dr. Shipra Solanki left the group to join the Delhi Technological University as a Research Scientist.

Dr. Shipra Solanki had joined the SMITA Research Group in October 2018 as a Research Associate. She was appreciated for her work towards instrument operations and felicitated with mementos by Prof. Agrawal and Prof. Jassal. we wish her all the best for her future endeavors roles

While Surabhi Jha had joined the SMITA Research Group in July 2014 as a B.tech Scholar. She later joined as a Project Associate in the lab after completing her Bachelors in Textile Engineering. She worked successfully in the area of composite fiber. For her work in the area, she received a certificate for outstanding contribution in the area of "Melt spun composite fiber". She was also awarded a certificate of appreciation for making an outstanding contribution to technology development and transfer of "Engineering grade fiber to industry"
As a senior member in the lab, she was also awarded an excellent contribution to "Lab management activities" in SMITA group. After a successful journey spanning almost five years in the lab, we wish them all the best for her future endeavors roles.