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Dr. Arthur Wilkinson, University of Manchester, visits SMITA Research Lab and department

posted 7 Apr 2017, 01:23 by Surabhi Jha   [ updated 23 Apr 2017, 23:47 ]
Dr. Arthur Wilkinson is a senior lecturer in the School of Materials at the University of Manchester. His work is in the area of polymer and composites processing. His research interests include determining the structure-property relationships in multi-phase polymer systems. He visited SMITA Research Lab, and the Textile Technology in the last week of March, 2017. During his visit he interacted with faculty from the Textile Technology and Polymer Science & Engineering departments. In his seminar in the Textile department he discussed the broad area of work being covered at Manchester, the story of graphene and learnings and findings from his research experience. 

Photographs from the seminar on nanocomposites in the Textile Technology department on 30th April 2017

Felicitation of Dr. Arthur Wilkinson by Prof. Ashwini K. Agrawal 

Dr. Arthur Wilkinson with SMITA Research Group