Lab Launder-o-meter and Dyeing machine

Mathis Labomat: BFA 12  

Features: Mathis Labomat: BFA 12 is a pilot scale washing and dyeing instrument.  With this instrument 1000, 500 & 150 ml capacity beakers are available for dyeing. For washing only 500 ml capacity beakers are available. Dyeing beakers are dosing beakers. There is facility for manual dosing using dosing syringe during the dyeing process. Heating system in the instrument based on infrared heating.

Performance: This instrument can operate at temperature of 20 oC – 40 oC with a temperature gradient of 0.3 oC – 5 oC at Rotating speed of 5 – 65 rpm (stepless). Heat output of the instrument is 2.25 kW and noise emission is 65 dB.

Applications: This Instrument can be used for dual function 1) Dyeing 2) washing.

Location: SMITA Chemical Lab, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas. 

Charges: As applicable