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Thermal Systems

Differential Scanning Calorimetry

TA instruments Q-200


T-Zero technology, MDSC, RCS cooling system.

  • Temp. Range -90C - 500C.
  • Temp. Accuracy (+/- 0.1C).
  • Temp. Precision (+/- 0.05C).
  • Sensitivity - 0. 2 µW
  • Glass transition temp., Melting point, Boiling point, Crystallization time and temp., percent crystallinity, heat of fusion and reaction, specific heat, oxidative stability, thermal stability, rate of cure, degree of cure.

Thermal Gravimetric Analysis

TA instruments Q-500

High performance low mass furnace sensitive  thermo balance,Ultra sensitive thermo bHorizontal purge gas system.

  • Max. sample wt. (1 g), Wt. precision +/- 0.01%.
  • Temp.range from ambient to 1000C.
  • Controlled heating rate (C/ min) 0.01 to 100.
  • Platinum sample pans.


  • High sensitivity analysis for volatile substances, Characterization of hydrates, Accurate residuals, Separation of organic and inorganic components, Curie point temperature, Thermal stability, compositional analysis.

Location: SMITA Analytical Lab, TX-110 A, Dept. of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi.