Fourier Transform Infra Red Nicolet iS50 Spectrometer (FT-IR)

 From Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., USA


The Nicolet  iS50 Spectrometer performs chemical analyses of sample materials by collecting data in the mid IR and  far- IR spectral ranges. It has an inbuilt diamond ATR with dedicated detector capable to record data up to 80 cm-1 in FAR IR Region. It has advanced features such as step scan and dual channel data collection and automatic beam splitter changeover for MIR to NIR without manual intervention. Solid and liquid samples could be analyzed



0.09 cm-1 resolution with variable aperture, Standard spectral range of 50-12500 cm -1, ATR with Diamond and ZnSe



Identification of polymers and polymer blends

Analysis of resins, composite materials, adhesives, coatings, coupling agents

Determination of degrees of crystallinity in polymers

Location: SMITA Analytical Lab, TX-110 A, Dept. of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi.