Capillary Flow Porometer


CFP- 1100 AEX from PMI Inc, USA


Fully automated capillary flow porometer provides analysis of all kinds of porous samples for through-pore analysis including bubble point, pore size distribution, mean flow pore size, hydro-head, integrity and liquid, gas and Frazier permeability. CFP usesnon toxic material at ambient temperature and have minimal effect on pore structure due to the use of low pressures.

  • Maximum pressure 100 psi, accuracy of 0.15%.
  • Pore size range: 6-80 micro meter.
  • Extended accuracy to provide accurate measurement of flow.
  • Applications range from, nonwovens, nanofiber membranes, fuel cell,  pharmaceuticals to textiles.

Sample Specifications
  • Sample size range: diameter 5-50 mm.

Location: SMITA Analytical Lab, TX-110 A, Dept. of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi.