Bench Top Sputter Coater BT 150

from Hind High Vacuum Pvt Ltd, India

Fully automatic compact bench top sputter coater for FE-SEM sample preparation. The system is specified with two-stage rotary pump for ‘everyday’ operation and  turbo pump option for high vacuum conditions. BT150 systems are fitted with an integrated source shutter and a 100mm diameter rotary stage. The system is integrated into the touch-screen controller and provides control of the thickness of sputtered films. The control system can store up to 30 different process recipes for easy recall and can output process data to a separate device for storage.


Single magnetron source. DC sputter power supply, 5m3/h two stage rotary pump and 62l/s compound turbomolecular pump with on-board controller, Vacuum performance of (5x10-2mbar in <3 minutes rotary pump) and 5x10-5mbar in <8 minutes (turbo pump), Integrated PLC with colour touch screen, Film thickness monitor and control


FESEM sample preparation

Thin film deposition

Location: SMITA Analytical Lab, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas

Charges: As applicable