Nina Saxena Award

About Nina Saxena Award:

Nina Saxena Excellence in Technlogy Award is a first of its kind in India-wide technical innovation award instituted by IIT Kharagpur in 2006 and was first awarded in 2007. It commerates the spirit of its illustrious alumna Dr. Nina Saxena. The award encourages and promotes technical innovation with a focus on social development. A 12-member jury of international experts adjudges the nominations on tghe basis of innovativeness, applicability and the potential of the application for social development in India.

Award Winning Research:

Nina Saxena Excellence in Technology Award for the year 2009 was presented on 18th August 2009 to SMITA Research Group (Mr. Kartick K. Samanta: Ph.D. Scholar, Mr. Prateek Sabharwal: B. Tech. 2009, Mr. Rohit Lohani: B. Tech. 2009, Prof. Ashwini K. Agrawal and Dr. Manjeet Jassal), Department of Textile Technology, IIT, Delhi for their revolutionary work in the field of atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma reaction technology for functionalization of textile substrates.

The Technology Innovation:

Plasma team of SMITA at IIT Delhi has designed an atmospheric pressure glow type cold plasma reactor that is suitable for continuous treatment of textile as well as other materials. The team, for the first time, has developed a process technology that can be used to chemically modify the surface of different substrates using a variety of chemicals in a continuous manner. 


 Mr. Kartick K. Samata receiving the award on behalf of the group on the 

foundation day of IIT Kharagpur at Kharagpur, West Bengal, India